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Research & Innovation

“Everything we do at Circle of Light is founded on rigorous scientific research & centred on the guiding principle that FOOD IS MEDICINE”

Over ten years of research and innovation have gone into developing our range of granulated drinks that deliver unrivalled, clinically proven, health benefits – along with a unique & delicious taste.

Our journey has been one of exploration, with a scientific focus on extracting the unique benefits of each of our carefully selected ingredients.

We’re delighted to partner with leading experts in their field, to underline why these specific ingredients were chosen and to raise awareness of the long-term benefits of ‘preventive health’ (via our food choices) on our heart, gut & general well-being.

We hope you enjoy our unique healthy blends!

Dr Sarah Kelly, BSc.,MSc.,PhD.
CEO, Circle of Light



“the unroasted
coffee bean is one
of the most nutritious
fruits in the world”

“The green coffee bean is high in a number of active ingredients, particularly chlorogenic acid, which has widespread health benefits as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Detailed scientific research has shown that chlorogenic acid can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure in those with elevated levels.”

Prof Niall M. Moyna,
Clinical Exercise Physiologist with
a focus on Chronic Diseases

Unroasted Green Coffee research. Natural remedy for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Lower & regulate high blood pressure & cholesterol

Non-Roasted Green Coffee Health Benefits

Roasting green coffee beans to produce traditional aromatic brown coffee destroys virtually all the green coffee nutrients.

At Circle of Light we preserve all the goodness of one of the world’s most nutritious foods by granulating the pristine green coffee beans to produce a uniquely refreshing drink. The traditionally ‘bitter’ taste of the green coffee bean is softened and naturally sweetened by prebiotic fibre, Inulin.

  • Chlorogenic and ferulic acid make up more than 50% of the dry weight of the green coffee fruit.
  • Chlorogenic and ferulic acid have very significant, evidence-based health benefits for heart and skin.
  • Research shows that food rich in chlorogenic and ferulic acids can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • These organic compounds are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant.
  • Ferulic acid protects cells in the skin structure (it is often referred to as ‘The Free Radical Scavenger’). It is easily absorbed and remains in the blood longer than other phenolic acids.

Research Papers

Kozuma paper – supporting blood pressure-lowering effects of green coffee  – Download Here

Martinez-Lopez paper – supporting cholesterol-lowering effects of green coffee – Download Here

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – Demonstrating that consumption of coffee beverages enriched in chlorogenic acids (CGAs) may influence blood pressure and endothelial function – Download Here


Circle of Light drinks are high in Inulin, a natural prebiotic fibre derived from chicory root.

Our Green Coffee range is naturally sweetened with Inulin (giving it a softer, sweeter taste than traditional roasted coffee). TripleZ – our all natural herbal sleep remedy – is enriched with Inulin & multivitamins, while our FIBRE89 range is composed of 89% Inulin.

What is Inulin?

Inulin is a soluble dietary fibre that is classified as a prebiotic. Extracted from the chicory root, it feeds friendly bacteria for optimal gut health.

Chicory is a blue flowering plant of the Dandelion family. Due to its pleasant taste, Inulin makes a nutritious, fibre-dense natural sweetener. 

Prebiotic Fibre & Gut Health

The impact of prebiotic fibre on Gut Health has been linked with fortifying immune response, improving energy levels & metabolism, as well as stabilising blood glucose levels.

The recommended daily allowance for fibre intake is between 24-35 gm per day. To meet this target, the average adult would need to be consuming a varied and balanced diet (fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, lentils, beans).  

What is the difference between Prebiotics & Probiotics?

For more information, check out ourFibre Series’ with Dr. Egan.

Research Papers

British Medical Journal ‘Gut’ – supporting vital role of gut microbiome in the immune response for COVID19 infection  – Download Here

“Prebiotics serve
as fuel for the
in the gut”

“We have begun to think of fibre as fuel or fertiliser for the microorganisms and bacteria that are present in the gut – which are called the gut microbiome. The amount & diversity of the fibre we consume has major effects on the health of this gut microbiome and therefore ultimately has effects on health & metabolism”

Dr Brendan Egan Nutrition Expert_Circle

Dr. Brendan Egan,
Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology


“We know that 1 in 5 people suffer with constipation in Ireland.”

“Repetitive straining to open bowels can be worse than childbirth on the pelvic floor. Constipation can cause pelvic floor weakness/dysfunction leading to prolapse, incontinence, or sexual problems. Additional issues with constipation can be fissures (tears), haemorrhoids, pain, nerve problems, and reductions in self confidence/self-esteem.”

Helen Keeble
Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

One serving of FIBRE89 provides 1/5 of of your recommended daily fibre intake. While feeding the gut microbiome for overall health, the high fibre content also supports normal bowel function so you can regulate your system to a comfortable level.

NB – Both Men & Women can suffer from poor pelvic health!

FIBRE89 Ginger sparkling and hot in kitchen