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Danú Gift Hamper



The ‘Mother Earth’ Deluxe Gift Hamper



The ultimate in bespoke pampering! A luxurious hamper filled with earth-friendly treats for the body, mind & soul: featuring the artistry of handmade Irish products by female-led, all natural and eco-friendly companies!



All Natural & Fibrous Health Drinks For Heart, Skin, Gut & Sleep Wellness. Free From Artificial Additives or Preservatives. Vegan, Coeliac & Keto Friendly.

Green Coffee Infused with Green & Herbal Teas (200g)
Our unique Green Coffee range provides all the benefits of the unroasted green coffee bean’s natural active ingredients. Rich in antioxidants, Chlorogenic & Ferulic acid, and containing anti-inflammatory properties to naturally support heart, skin cell health. A rich source of soluble fibre (inulin) for gut health.

FIBRE89 Flavoured with Cinnamon & Orange (200g)
Composed of 89% Inulin – a prebiotic fibre proven to aid digestion & help stabilise blood sugar. Inulin is EFSA approved to relieve constipation.

Triple Z All Natural Night Drink (200g)
Combines soothing herbs with gut-loving Inulin and a multivitamin complex to help your body and mind unwind at bedtime. Take one hour before bed as part of a wind-down routine to ‘Relax, Restore, Rebalance’


Take Five Mindful Cue Cards

Crafty’s ‘Take Five’ cards offer simple and effective ‘cues’ to help you take a moment and come back to a centred place. Anyone can use them, even if they are new to breathing and mindful techniques! Perfect for when you need to find a place of calm in moments of stress, or simply want to begin your day by claiming a moment for yourself. Pop the cue card in your bag/wallet/bedside locker/work drawer to always have it on hand if you feel the need for a relaxing moment when the day’s stresses are piling up. Pass on to a friend run off their feet, to show both practical support and that you are thinking of them. If you have a fretting child, you can practice the exercises together at home, then tuck the card into their schoolbag as a way of reminding them of your supportive presence and your shared mindful game. The easy to follow techniques draw on psychotherapist guidelines.

Janni Bars

Athena Shampoo Bar Raspberry Oil and Pink Grapefruit

Athena Shampoo Bar Raspberry Oil and Pink Grapefruit – Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, lends her name to this glorious bar with a citrus & sweet scent. Packed with Shea Butter and Pink Clay & Raspberry Seed oil, you are in for a gentle cleansing wash: restoring hair and creating shine. Raspberry seed oil also protects from daily damage including sun! Stabilizes moisture for all hair types. Vegan & earth-friendly (preventing approx. 2 plastic bottles from being produced)

Oat Silk Conditioner

For tangle free and extra glossy, healthy hair! This long-lasting bar only needs a couple of strokes on the lengths of your hair, after you shampoo to immediately feel the silky texture that heals & protects. Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils give a fresh scent & encourage longer healthier locks! Ingredients are carefully selected, making it vegan, silicone free, with no synthetic fragrances or other nastiness.

Irish Heather Honey Balm

A specially formulated Honey Balm, made with a high level of Irish Heather Honey. Naturally anti-bacterial, with an even higher level of anti-oxidants than Manuka Honey! Together with the other carefully selected, kind ingredients are a suitable nourishing moisturiser for even the most troubled skin. Natural anti-oxidants help repair skin and promote new cell-growth. The fact that this a balm rather than a lotion means that no preservatives were necessary in blending this gentle moisturiser!

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

Himalayan Pink Salt is the effective main ingredient in this gorgeous looking bar. The fine grade salt works as an exfoliator for removing dirt/old skin, and also detoxifying by drawing impurities from the skin. Salt is packed with minerals to nourish the skin and can help to reduce inflammation & was traditionally used for as an anti-bacterial cleanser for wounds (be careful, it will sting!). This bar can also be left it in your bath for a few mins for a relaxing soak -the Lavender and Lemon oils will help stimulate the senses! Vegan, earth-friendly and handmade.

Raw Botanicals - Loogo

Vitality Mist

Vitality mist is a combination of essential oils and flower essences to help balance the Solar Plexus chakra. Hand blended by Limerick Naturopath, Sandra O’ Connell (ND).

Three Hills Soap - Logo

Mandarin Lip Balm

A tangy citrus aroma with fresh, sweet, green notes of Mandarin. A quick swipe of Mandarin lip balm will leave your lips feeling fresh and sweet throughout the day. Ultra-moisturising Cocoa butter heals chapped lips & Beeswax locks in moisture. Natural oils sink into the skin, helping to soothe, hydrate and condition lips with added pure natural Vitamin E for extra antioxidant protection! No parabens or preservatives, hand mixed and hand poured. 100% vegetarian, all natural and not tested on animals.

Volcanic Pumice Stone

Show your feet some love! This natural foot scrubber exfoliates calluses, stains, corns and cracked heels and reveal soft, healthy, glowing skin. The stone can be moistened with soapy lather for an even more delicate effect. This pumice stone is created when volcanic lava mixes with water and hardens – each stone is surprisingly light, yet durable. Every stone is unique too and varies in shades of the chocolate brown colour!

Natural Sisal Shower Puff

Wake up your skin in the morning with the ‘shower flower’! Perfect for removing dead skin cells and getting the blood flowing, this puff is made from a natural, renewable material called Sisal. It’s firm, naturally resistant to bacteria & created by cleverly sewing strips of perforated sisal material into a ball-like shape. It feels a little like washing with a super-charged flannel and quite a different experience than washing with mainstream puffs!

WASi - Logo

Seaweed & Salt Milk Chocolate

WASI smooth and creamy Chocolate is made with the finest ingredients for that melt-in-your-mouth experience. The superior quality of chocolate, combined with West Cork Sea Salt and Dilisk Seaweed flakes, makes this the perfect artisanal treat.

Seaweed Bath

The therapeutic benefits of Seaweed baths have been recognised for generations & used to relieve joint stiffness, muscular aches and pains. They are also associated with body toning and the release of toxins. Natural anti-ageing and anti-cellulite properties can encourage suppleness and the elasticity of the skin.

Wild Atlantic Wicks

Dóchas Candle

The Dóchas candle features a beautiful quote on ‘Hope’ from beloved Irish poet, Seamus Heaney. Hand poured & made from 100% natural wax in the West of Ireland. “Hope is not optimism, which expects things to turn out well, but something rooted in the conviction that there is good worth looking for” (Heaney)