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‘Preventive Health January’ with Prof. Niall Moyna

Forget ‘New Year, New You’: focus on small steps to gain long-term benefitsNiall Moyna Independent Advisor to Circle of Light.

Prof. Niall Moyna of DCU is an exercise physiologist and a regular contributor on RTE’s Operation Transformation. In addition to his academic research, he has worked with a number of Gaelic football teams along with numerous elite and Olympic athletes.  With over 140 research publications, he is a leading voice in his field, presenting worldwide on health and human performance.

As a long-term advocate for ‘Preventive Health’, he believes passionately in educating people towards ‘prevention rather than medical intervention’: i.e. – bolstering your health so that it can fight the onset of chronic disease before pharmaceutical or medical maintenance is needed.

He is an invaluable Independent Scientific Advisor here at Circle of Light. His vast knowledge on Chlorogenic Acid – the key active ingredient in our Green coffee that helps stabilise heart health – has been invaluable to our mission to curate health blends with proven clinical benefits.


Prof. Moyna has always advocated the idea of ‘small and achievable steps’ to help people reach the habit-forming space where health can improve and lifestyles begin to change. That’s the timely message we really want to spread for the New Year with our campaign ‘Preventive Health January’.

To kick it off, Prof. Moyna has kindly shared some of his top tips for moving forward with preventive health habits in the New Year.

Watch the video below for his round up of simple, effective ways to move toward a sustainable and healthier lifestyle, which will help our body fight against chronic ailments or disease in the long-term.

Prof. Niall Moyna Preventive Health Tips:

  1. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 200 – the equivalent of one Mars Bar!
  2. Incorporate some form of ‘strengthening’ exercise for your upper & lower body per day.
  3. Gently introduce cardiovascular exercises into your routine. Start slowly!