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Inner Health 🔹Outer Vitality: Skin Tips From ‘The Facialist’ Sophia Woods

Here at Circle of Light, we are delighted to have a range of independent experts in the fields of Science, Health and Well-Being with whom we consult to ensure that our ingredients are addressing health with scientifically-backed efficacy. Our Skin Advisor is Sophia Woods – a skincare expert and fount of specialist information on the latest research in skin health. From her private clinic in Dublin, ‘The Facialist‘, she offers bespoke facials, treatments and flagship technology – the first of its kind in Ireland.

With over 20 years in the beauty industry and having worked in some of the leading clinics in London and global skincare houses, she focuses on the delivery of signature facials and skincare, combined with state of the art facial technology.

Sophia incorporates all the experience and knowledge she has gathered into every treatment, and ends every appointment with a Green Coffee to replenish, refresh – and most importantly – provide the skin with liquid form Ferulic Acid. Sophia found our products in her local shop, and immediately honed in on the Ferulic Acid component of our unroasted Green Coffee beans. From there, we developed a consultant relationship, where Sophia offered her own experience and research on this organic and active compound.

Inner health → Outer vitality

REMEMBER – What goes into our bodies is the first and most important part of any skincare routine!

Today, for our Circle of Light customers, Sophia has kindly weaved together her top five tips for optimal skin health and skincare rituals. Take it away Sophia 💃🏽💁🏽…

Top 5 tips for healthy glowy skin

(Yes, there are many but I’ve chosen 5 that will really make a long-term, sustainable and noticeable difference!)


It’s smart to be label savvy and know what you are ingesting. A diet rich in water-dense fruit and vegetables – as well as avoiding added sugars – is key to keeping our skin healthy and glowing.


As well as water-rich fruit and veg, water in its ‘liquid’ form plays its part in terms of keeping the skin cells healthy. Make sure you are getting enough water. I would recommend: replacing one of your daily coffee/tea breaks with a more antioxidant-led beverage (like green coffee or herbal tea), cutting back on diuretics such as beverages with high caffeine content, and avoiding sugar-laden soft drinks.  Circle of Light Green Coffee has added a new meaning to nutrition in liquid form. It’s the first range of granulated drinks that have the added benefits of ferulic acid (and it is extremely low in caffeine). This powerful antioxidant acts as a shield to protect against free radical damage. It’s often found in anti-ageing skincare, but Circle of Light have presented it in FOOD FORM, and have also fortified the beverage (or topping/snack if you want to find other ways to easily sneak some ferulic acid into your diet!) with a prebiotic fibre called ‘Inulin’, which gives the gut the necessary nutrition to keep our skin cells health and happy.    


It’s a popular topic, and one of the easiest ways to keep your skin from premature aging. It’s never too late to address accelerated aging: no matter what age you are, you can take good care of the skin you have at this point in your life! I would always advise people to apply their SPF – even when indoors as we are constantly bathed in internal blue light exposure from computer and phone screens.  Look for a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection with natural filters Zinc or Titanium and reapply when hill walking, sun is stronger or walking on the beach. Reapply, Reapply, Reapply!!


Night time is the most important time to cleanse the skin.  I recommend cleansing two times for 30 secs each time using lukewarm water to ensure the skin is squeaky clean before applying skincare.


Use skincare products that match your skin needs – all too often the incorrect skincare is being used and that often has the opposite effect to what we desire. Yes, there are lots of recommendations for ‘game changer ingredients’, but you need to know if your skin will respond well, indifferently, or negatively to each. I would always recommend having a professional skin-check up to ensure you are using the products for your skin type and concern.

You can check Sophia’s website for more information on her wonderful signature facials and innovative technologies at or follow her on instagram & Facebook.