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Gift Hampers


by Circle of Light


The ‘Mother Earth’
Deluxe Gift Hamper


The ‘Gift of Light’
Mind & Body Gift Hamper


The ‘Myths & Legends’
Gift Hamper for Men


The ‘Dream’
Sleep Gift Hamper

A Limited Edition Range of beautiful, all natural, nourishing & sustainable products, created by local female-led Irish companies!

Nature & Nurture: Earth, Body & Soul Gifts
Spread a little love with the gift of self-care for your friends, loved ones (or yourself!) while supporting local, creative & earth-friendly business.

Dr Sarah Kelly, BSc.,MSc.,PhD.
CEO, Circle of Light

A Whole Approach to Wellbeing

Circle of Light is at its very heart, an Irish business. We are steeped in and proud of our ancestral heritage. From our factory in Meath, we launched our range of all natural health drinks in 2020. We have taken great delight in the partnerships we have forged during this time and to celebrate we are proud to launch Mná Le Cheile: The Women Together Collection by Circle of Light.

Celebrating Local Women in Business

We have curated a series of limited edition Gift Hampers that celebrate the wonderful talent, craft and vision of local women in business. Our Hampers are a bountiful gift to provide the ultimate in self-care! Each product was crafted by inspirational women, in keeping with the values of natural, earth-friendly, ingredients that nourish and pamper. Our partnership is a vision of female-led small businesses coming together to support and promote each other’s hard work, and offering unique self-care treats for those looking to spread a little love with a Mná Le Chéile Gift Hamper!

Dr. Sarah Kelly



Áine Mc Donald opened her delightful, Irish-centred & earth-friendly gift shop to bring thoughtful, exquisite products to her hometown of Castleblayney. A mini-utopia of art, craft, and self-care, Crafty offers unique gifts to spread the love, protect the earth and support innovative Irish business!


Áine, a Monaghan native, opened her beautiful gift store in 2021 in the town of Castleblayney – a unique offering in the locality which was embraced with open arms by all who have visited! By combining her therapeutic background as a psychotherapist with her love for Irish craft, she has created a space that invites people to be mindful and enjoy the pleasure of wandering this treat-filled haven full of carefully sourced, earth friendly products from talented Irish craftspeople- and to enjoy the excitement of choosing unique and thoughtful gifts to spread the love, protect the earth and support innovative Irish business!

Follow Áine @crafty_in_castleblayney for a peek at her lovely products

Take Five Cue Cards
Crafty’s ‘Take Five’ cards were created by drawing on Aine’s experience and current recommended guidelines within the therapy field. These cards offer simple and effective ‘cues’ to help you take a moment and come back to a centred place. They are easy to follow techniques that Áine used as a powerful tool in her work with children who were suffering from overwhelm. These mindful tips are practical and grounding, so anyone can use them, even if they are new to breathing and mindful techniques. They are perfect for when you need to find a place of calm in moments of stress, or if you simply want to practice a mindful exercise to begin your day and claim a moment for yourself before moving out into the world.

Pop the cue card in your bag or wallet, into your bedside locker or work drawer, or slip it into your glovebox, as a way to always have it on hand if you feel the need to practice for a relaxing moment, or when you might be finding the day’s stresses piling up. If you have a friend who might be run off their feet, this may be a helpful tool to pass on, to show both practical support and also that you are thinking of them. If you have a child who is anxious, you can practice the exercises together at home, then tuck the card into their schoolbag as a way of reminding them of your supportive presence and your shared mindful game.

Having a physical item to hold is often a part of creating a hew habit or practice – to see and touch your cue card is a way of externalising and facilitating the intention. A little talisman tucked somewhere close by to help you create a lifelong habit of soothing, re-energising and bolstering yourself when you need a little confidence!

Janni Bars:

Janni Sjostrand creates plastic free, delectable body care products from her adoptive home in Maynooth. She handmakes her unique range of soaps – all cruelty free and filled with rich, nourishing oils and butters with added clays, essential oils, salts & herbs. With exquisitely packaged designs, the Swedish native’s range are a pampering treat for everyone.

“At Janni Bars we concentrate of giving people plastic free options for their bathroom and household routine, including pet care. We want to optimize the solid bar experience, offering skin-loving products with natural ingredients without the unnecessary waste. If we can reduce plastic waste, save water, lower emissions and clean the people, we have succeeded.”

Janni Bars started as a means to create plastic free grooming products for dogs and horses, but very rapidly grew to a company that focuses not only on pets but on personal care products that are always handmade with the kindest available ingredients and always as sustainable packaging as we can manage. I hope that when using our products you a great experience and know that each sale is so important to me as a small sustainable Irish business”

All Janni Bars are handmade in Maynooth – the soaps are cold processed and left to cure for four weeks. The bars are filled with rich nourishing oils and butters with added clays, essential oils, salts & herbs.

Cruelty Free, Hand Made, Recyclable packaging, Kind ingredients, Plastic free. Most products are Vegan Friendly!

You can read more about Janni’s range of products here.

Sandra O Connell/Raw Botanicals:

Limerick Naturopath, Sandra O’Connell, has 25 years clinical experience in Herbal Medicine. Her Raw Botanicals range of natural products – from Herbal formulations, to soothing aromatherapy mists and herbal balms – reflect her depth of knowledge and commitment to all-natural healing ingredients. Created, mixed and bottled by hand, Raw Botanicals are restorative for mind and body, while gentle to the earth.

Sandra O’Connell (ND) is vastly experienced in the field of Naturopathy. She incorporates Flower Essences, Nutrition, Herbal medicine, in her clinical practice, and uses diagnostic tools such as Functional testing and Iridology (physical & emotional).

Sandra has a wealth of knowledge and almost 25 years clinical experience, in treating people with various health issues. Her range of natural products – from Herbal formulations which incorporate flower essences, to soothing aromatherapy mists and herbal balms – are a testament to her depth of knowledge for all-natural healing ingredients.

You can read more about Sandra’s practice and her Raw Botanicals range of products here.

Three Hills Soap:

An all natural skincare range, helmed by Zuzana Ilavska & Michaela Fricova, whose dedication to finding natural and beneficial ingredients to protect our skin, children and environment from the harsh synthetics in regular skincare products led them to creating this bespoke and beautiful range of natural ‘recipes’, manufactured and hand wrapped in Kells, Co. Meath.

“Three Hills Soap is dedicated to crafting high quality, healthy and effective skin and hair care products that will nourish your skin and be kind to our planet. We hand blend all of our own products in small batches to ensure freshness, consistency, and perfection. Think of it as pure nutrition for your skin and hair! Our products are created with great environmental consciousness, which ensures that they are totally biodegradable, natural, minimally packaged, cruelty free and 100% vegan. Our approach to washing centres on the pleasure of this everyday experience, and the promotion of healthy and comfortable skin. All of our recipes are invented, created and manufactured in our facility in Kells, Meath and every single product that makes its way to your doorstep – and hopefully into your daily routine, is lovingly made and wrapped by hand. All products are handcrafted in small batches in Ireland using the finest nourishing ingredients. Effective, natural, simple, eco-friendly, never tested on animals.”

Three Hills Soap is a small company that began as a hobby born out of a concern about the synthetic ingredients in bodycare and skincare products and the adverse effects of these ingredients on our skin, our children and our environment. As a result, we are dedicated to crafting high quality, healthy and effective skin and hair care products made with all “good” ingredients.
Every ingredient has a purpose and we will always use the best quality ingredients to make the best safe and effective products available. All of our recipes are invented, created and manufactured in our facility in Kells, Meath and every single product that makes its way to your doorstep – and hopefully into your daily routine, is lovingly made and wrapped by hand.
Nothing is outsourced. We oversee the entire process for every product to ensure maximum freshness, consistency, and perfection. We do it all ourselves from start to finish from us to you!
Our mission is a simple one: To harness the power and simplicity of nature to provide fresh, wholesome, natural products that will nourish the skin and be kind to the planet.

The owners:
Zuzana Llavska,
Michaela Fricova

You can read more about Three Hill Soap products here.


Bantry native Claire O Sullivan took her lifelong love of the sea and created a unique range of seaweed products and treatments that honour the ancient Irish reverence for the sea and the nourishment it provides. Hand harvested, mixed and bottled alongside her husband, Eli, WASI offers an earth-friendly, lovingly crafted range of unique treats to bring your body the micronutrients of the sea, using ethically hand harvested wild Irish seaweed.

”To ensure the vitality of seaweed for generations to come, we carefully cut only a small portion of the plant. Before we return to this plant again, it will have completely regenerated itself….that is the magic of seaweed! We make small batches each week with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, then drive to the health food stores in West Cork to deliver our products”

Claire O’Sullivan was raised on a small family farm just outside Bantry town. Growing up, seaweed played a fundamental role in the health of the land and her family – for many generations in Ireland, gathering and spreading seaweed on the land was key for encouraging fertility and a successful harvest. In recent times, remembrance of this ancient gift from our seas has been slipping away–Claire strives to have seaweed reintegrated into our food culture.

Claire’s secret weapon is her amazing partner Eli. Together, they make all the WASI products: hand harvesting, mixing, bottling and blending.

Their passion for seaweed, its healing and nutritious qualities have led them to establish WASi. Creating delicious, user friendly products they are determined to see seaweed back on kitchen tables everywhere for all to enjoy. For them, there isn’t another form of vegetation on the planet possessing such a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

You can read more about WASI’s range of products here.

Wild Atlantic Wicks:

From the heart of The Wild Atlantic Way, Galway duo, Anne Marie & Eimear, capture the essence of the Irish gra for wit and warmth in their beautiful handcrafted candles. Launched in 2020, research and passion brought to life their vision of creating unique scents with natural and gentle ingredients: offering hand-poured candles of natural wax, eco friendly wood wicks, complete with hand designed labels.

“We are makers of handmade candles based in Galway on the west coast of Ireland, in the middle of the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way.

Wild Atlantic Wicks was set up after many discussions during the lockdown of our love for good quality scented candles.We realised that although there are thousands of independent candle makers, there were no candles available with ‘personality’ that are fun and quirky or reflect emotions and events. After completing an online candle course, months of research, trial runs and testing scents Wild Atlantic Wicks was born in June 2020. (All done in the middle of home schooling and working from home!) We have carefully selected unique scents and use 100% natural wax. Our candles are hand poured with wood wicks, which create a beautiful crackle as they burn. All our labels are designed and hand made by us.

We hope you enjoy your candles as much as we have enjoyed this journey. Go raibh maith agat! Anne-Marie & Eimear”

You can read more about Wild Atlantic Wicks here.