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Customer Reviews

Unroasted Green Coffee drink Infused with Ginger. Natural remedy for high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Reviews for Green Coffee – Infused with Ginger

  1. Bill

    Have a cup every morning i find the ginger infused so refreshing
  2. John B

    Love this with hot water

Reviews for Green Coffee – Infused with Green and Herbal Teas

  1. Mary D.

    Dont normally enjoy green tea, just endure it, but this circle of light green coffee infused with green and herbal teas has completely changed my attitude to herbal teas. Apart from the health benefits I dont feel the urge to have chocolate or biscuits etc with it as I would with other teas. Thats a plus on the diet side of things.
  2. Laura Hanratty

    Really enjoying this as a hot drink. Was so surprised as I don't usually like herbal or green teas but this is lovely-perfect afternoon cuppa.
  3. Rachael McManmon

    Perfect replacement for my afternoon caffeine fix.
Unroasted Green Coffee drink infused with Green and Herbal Teas.
Unroasted Green Coffee Drink. Natural remedy for high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Reviews for Green Coffee – Original

  1. Patricia Ryan

    Interested in product sounded very healthy
  2. stephensisk

    Very refreshing with a nice taste. Can be enjoyed either hot or cold. I make a flask og it in the morning and drink it during my day in work
  3. Mary Ann

    Delicious taste
  4. Susan Q

    Excellent product

Reviews for Fibre89 – Flavoured with Cinnamon

  1. Elizabeth Maguire

    It’s good for encouraging the gut bacteria to grow and do their thing!
  2. Mary D.

    Love this cinnamon flavoured drink any time of day. I usually have it as a hot drink or sprinkled on porridge. Because its high in fibre I find it beneficial for a healthy digestive system.
  3. Anne Hayes

    Taken as a drink or with Yoghurt & fruit this is my ‘go to’ every morning. Have recommended this product to friends who also enjoy. A drink of health!
  4. Laura Hanratty

    Look forward to this every morning mixed with my yogurt and fruit-the flavour is great.
  5. Rachael McManmon

    Perfect additions to morning porridge or as a drink. My gut never felt so good 👍🏻
Prebiotic fibre drink supporting overall gut health. High in inulin fibre.
Prebiotic fibre drink supporting overall gut health. High in inulin fibre.

Reviews for Fibre89 – Flavoured with Ginger

  1. Sharon d - Longford

    This is an amzing product! I had an issue with what I initially thought was pelvic floor; heaviness in pelvic area, running was very uncomfortable and sometime some leaking. (tmi I know but this is an issue that is very much taboo amongst the general public!) Since taking Fibre89 this problem has completley cleared up and the painful haemorroids are reduced significantly due to ease of bowel movements. I also have so much more energy and I am not inclined to snack as much, win win! Highly reccomend this product. Sharon D, Longford
  2. Mary Jordan

    It’s not only for younger Mums.It works well for the Grannies also.Very gentle product on the body.
  3. Eimear

    Best fibre product Iv ever used. Find it genuinely amazing 🤩
  4. Sinead E

    After dealing with regular bouts of constipation and painful haemorrhoids, I heard about Fibre89. I started taking it after I gave birth to my third baby. It began helping immediately, I had no constipation and no post labour haemorrhoids. It made such a difference to how I could enjoy my small baby with no discomfort/pain from constipation. I've taken it everyday since and now no longer have to deal with the discomfort of regular constipation
  5. Ian Jenkinson

    An excellent product. One small tip. Sprinkle it onto your porridge after the milk cools it a little , as the Ginger hardens when in contact with the hot porridge ;-)

Reviews for Triple Z Herbal Night Drink

  1. Elizabeth Maguire

    A delicious ‘go-to-sleep’ drink. I look forward to it every night.
  2. stephensisk

    Absolutely lovely tasting late night drink
  3. Eimear

    I never really have a massive problem with sleep but recently found I wasn’t as relaxed or restful going to bed, so I started drinking Triple Z & am loving it!! Just ordered a new pouche to stock up before I run out.
  4. Mary D.

    I enjoy the Triple Z night drink as a relaxer before bedtime. Sometimes if my sleep is disturbed(menopause) I make a cup of this drink and it helps me settle back to sleep again. A good natural sleep aid.
  5. helgibbons

    Absolutely love Tripple Z for helping me to switch off at night before bed. I bought it to help me to sleep but actually love the taste of it. Can't imagine my evenings without it now.
Herbal Night Drink