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Circle Of Light January Wellbeing Series

Hello from all of us here at Circle of Light. We wanted to start the year as we mean to go on and share with you some expert nutrition tips to help you ease into January – using our philosophy of small changes for long-term wellbeing.

Our thought process is simple: A New Year doesn’t require a ‘New You’. Work with who you are and where you are right now: take care of the body you have rather than what you wish it to be.

Moving towards a healthy lifestyle is not about ‘improving yourself’ – it’s about *taking care of yourself*, your body and your overall wellbeing.

Be gentle & consistent – simple tweaks to your daily choices can lead to habits that slip into place without too much disruption to your life. Little steps make a difference! And they are an easier and gentler way to make lasting adjustments to your long-term health.

Our January Blog is a guest series from Emer Walsh – our resident nutrition expert and a valued voice here at Circle of Light. Food integrity and nourishment is at the heart of the Circle of Light ethos, and in that vein, we are delighted that Emer has offered her expert advice to help us all make well-informed food choices as we make our way through January!

Dr. Sarah Kelly, PhD


A Note From Emer Warm Up Your Immunity With These Seasonal Tips! 

Emer Walsh

In this blog series*, I want to concentrate on NOURISHING & SUPPORTING our bodies. Instead of the rhetoric of New Year detoxes, we can listen to our bodies and learn to feed them in order to naturally bolster our energy and mood with the fuel they need to work well during the winter season. Each week I will share some nourishing tips, rxecipe ideas, and provide a little insight into the powerful part certain foods and herbs can play in keeping our bodies running during this time, as well as dealing with energy draining colds and flus.

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*This blog is for Educational purposes only – please contact your GP with any health concerns you may have questions about.

About Emer:

Emer is our resident Nutritionist Circle of Light. She holds a BAgrSc (Hons) from UCD and a Diploma in Biomedicine and Nutrition from CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine), Galway. She is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and certified in ‘A systems approach in reversing the epidemic of chronic disease’ and ‘clinical solutions for addressing the underlying causes of disease’.

An awareness of the increase in prevalence in chronic, complex diseases led Emer to practice Nutritional Therapy – encompassing Functional Medicine – at the Crane Clinic in Galway. In her role, she addresses the underlying roots of imbalances – examining all the possible causes of chronic dysfunction – by taking a personalised approach; delving deep into the person’s history, both from a biomedical and genetic perspective as well as any lifestyle issues that may be perpetuating various conditions.

Emer’s style of Nutrition Consulting encourages patients to be an active participant in the development of their therapeutic plan thereby making it more likely to make and sustain healthy lifestyle changes, aiming to support short-term health goals but also reducing the risk for chronic disease in the future.

Emer is passionate in regards to the link between organic locally produced food and optimising health and is a member of the Organic Trust governing body, Ireland.