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Our starting point was simple and centred on the principle that FOOD INTEGRITY IS THE FOUNDATION OF LONGTERM WELL-BEING. It is this premise that has led us to where we are today – launching a range of delicious, nutrition focused drinks.


Through over ten years of research and development, we have carefully crafted our products to deliver naturally sourced ingredients with proven health benefits, in a manner that nature intended. We use 100% naturally sourced ingredients and protect their nutritive properties via an innovative processing technique. Our products contain no added sugars, artificial flavours, additives or preservatives.

Our journey has been one of exploration, always grounded in science and always focused on extracting the unique benefits of each of our carefully selected ingredients. We’re delighted to partner* with leading experts in their field, and we have conferred with independent advisors to verify research, product quality and to help us spread the message of preventive health. Their invaluable contributions have underpinned our belief in education as a way to increase awareness of the link between food choices/quality and longterm well-being.

We hope you enjoy discovering our new range of drinks. Keep an eye on our social media and blog to enjoy the expertise of our esteemed independent advisors.

*All advisors operate independently under the shared desire to educate. No money or benefits are exchanged.

Dr Sarah Kelly, BSc.,MSc.,PhD.
CEO, Circle of Light


Our bespoke blending process allows us to preserve the natural benefits of our ingredients – preserving the integrity of naturally occurring compounds/properties in a first to market range of Green Coffee and Fibrous granulated health drinks.


In its unroasted form, the green coffee bean is rich in ingredients such as chlorogenic acid, that deliver a wide range of nutritive benefits.

Our Green Coffee range is available in a variety of delicious blends, enriched with herbal infusions.

For the first time Inulin, a prebiotic fibre, extracted from chicory root, has been granulated to make a tasty and refreshing drink with natural digestive benefits.

Our tasty FIBRE89 granules are 89% chicory inulin, helping you reach your daily fibre target.

Triple Z – Our all natural herbal night drink is a delicious blend of soothing herbs, vitamins and inulin to help you ‘Relax Restore & Rebalance’ when taken one hour before bed as part of your wind-down routine.

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Dr. Sarah Kelly, CEO Circle of Light (BSc, MSc, PhD) 

Former Assistant Professor with a PhD in clinical exercise physiology. Sarah was director of the undergraduate sports science and health degree in the Dublin City University School of Health and Human Performance. At DCU, she specialised in exercise and cardiovascular health across the lifespan, from childhood to old age. She has worked closely with some of Ireland’s elite sports teams and athletes and she pursued her own love of sport outside the research lab as well, captaining Superleague Basketball team DCU Mercy to numerous national titles. In her passion to bring the love of sport and healthy living to young people she served as sports correspondent for RTE’s TwoTube, and helped establish the ongoing Irish Life Health School Fitness Challenge.

Her underlying ethos is ‘Preventive Health’, and she worked alongside Professor Niall Moyna (RTE’S Operation Transformation) in the Centre for Preventive Medicine. She was part of the team on ‘HeartSmart’ – a community exercise programme specifically for people who have suffered cardiac events. Preceding her post at DCU, she was a lecturer at Institute of Technology Carlow & Waterford Institute of Technology. At Carlow, she developed another community based exercise rehab program for cancer survivors with the Éist Cancer Support centre.

Sarah’s mission is to foster an honest and straightforward approach to health and wellbeing. Via her research and her position as CEO of Circle of Light, her aim is to provide people with accurate and reliable information that is always grounded in science – so they can make conscious choices towards a healthier lifestyle – and to provide easier access to unprocessed and nutrient dense food options that help people utilise that knowledge.



The circular nature of life is at the heart of most cultures. From generation to generation the sun continues to rise in the east and set in the west. The Earth never strays from its annual orbit.

The ancient Irish characterised the yearly cycle as a Circle of Light, celebrated in the four great Pagan festivals that ushered in each change of season.

Our Circle of Light logo encapsulates ancestral memory. It reflects the movement from darkness into light, and a deeply held belief in the fruits of the Earth. Mother Nature heals and cures better than any chemical concoction.

The Circle of Light is also a blessing; an aura that protects and strengthens. The Circle of Light awakens us to wholeness and well-being. This is our vision. This is our mission.