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About Us


Our starting point was simple and centred on the principle that FOOD IS MEDICINE. It is this premise that has led us to where we are today – launching a range of delicious, health fuelled drinks.


Through over ten years of research and development, we have carefully crafted our products to deliver naturally sourced ingredients with proven health benefits, in a manner that nature intended.

Our journey has been one of exploration, always grounded in science and always focused on extracting the unique benefits of each of our carefully selected ingredients. We’re delighted to partner with leading experts in their field, to help underpin our belief that food is medicine and to help increase awareness on such an important topic.

We hope you enjoy discovering our new range of drinks.

Dr Sarah Kelly, BSc.,MSc.,PhD.
CEO, Circle of Light


Our bespoke blending process allows us to preserve all the health inducing benefits in a first to market range of Green Coffee and Fibrous granulated health drinks.


In its unroasted form, the green coffee bean is rich in ingredients such as chlorogenic acid, that deliver a wide range of health benefits.

Our Green Coffee range is available in a variety of delicious blends, enriched with health enhancing herbal infusions.

For the first time Inulin, a prebiotic fibre, extracted from chicory root, has been granulated to make a tasty and refreshing drink with extensive health benefits.

Our tasty FIBRE89 granules are 89% chicory inulin, helping you reach your daily fibre target.

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The circular nature of life is at the heart of most cultures. From generation to generation the sun continues to rise in the east and set in the west. The Earth never strays from its annual orbit.

The ancient Irish characterised the yearly cycle as a Circle of Light, celebrated in the four great Pagan festivals that ushered in each change of season.

Our Circle of Light logo encapsulates ancestral memory. It reflects the movement from darkness into light, and a deeply held belief in the fruits of the Earth. Mother Nature heals and cures better than any chemical concoction.

The Circle of Light is also a blessing; an aura that protects and strengthens. The Circle of Light awakens us to wholeness and well-being. This is our vision. This is our mission.